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A Guide to Finding the Right Colorado Nursing Home

Written By:

Attorney Mac Hester

Date Posted:

February 21, 2024

Deciding to place your loved one in a long-term care facility can be a difficult choice. But once it becomes clear that they need more help than you can provide alone, you will need to find them the right nursing home.

Now, don’t rush into a decision, but it’s critical that you find them a facility quickly – one that fits their needs and best interests.

This guide covers how to start your search for a nursing home, the factors to consider, and why quality of care matters for your loved one.

Finding the Right Facility Matters

Some families cannot reconcile the idea of placing their loved ones in a nursing home. However, it is a move that offers your loved one security and caretaking while giving you peace of mind. That means finding the right facility will take some time.

A web search can give you a good idea of what’s available, but that should not be your only move. When considering nursing homes, you should know there are no “one size fits all” facilities. Your loved one’s needs should be the first thing you consider when you evaluate facilities. You should also ensure you find a facility that does not have complaints of abuse or neglect toward its residents.

Tips for Finding the Right Nursing Home in Colorado

These tips can provide insight into your search and what you should keep in mind while looking for the best nursing home for your loved one.

Assess Your Loved One’s Needs

As you are looking for a nursing home or other long-term care facility, consider why you are looking. Try to look beyond your loved one’s immediate needs and consider what other services they might need soon. For instance, they could be able to live independently for a while. But if they decline or require specialized care, you might need a facility that offers increased care.

Talk to your loved one about where they want to stay. Would they prefer a facility that might be further from family if it offers more services? Discuss what your loved one feels comfortable with so that you are looking for a facility that provides the care they need.

Check Availability in Your Area

Once you know what level of service you expect your loved one to need, you can start looking for facilities. Talking to friends, family, or groups in your area can help you know where to look. Consider contacting health care providers, social workers, religious groups, or support groups for where to look.

If you have heard good things about some Denver nursing homes, you can start researching these recommendations. You can do a preliminary review of facilities to ensure they meet your basic standards.

Evaluate Your Options

Once you know which facilities you want to know more about, there are tools for a more thorough evaluation. These tools allow seniors and their families to examine facilities’ records and complaints. For example, the Colorado Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program offers information for current residents and anyone looking for a facility.

These will allow you to narrow your search even further, but they may not offer concrete answers.

Schedule a Visit to the Facility

Take the time to visit your choices in person. Seeing a facility firsthand can help you uncover blemishes that wouldn’t be obvious online.

A visit can allow you to talk to staff members, see the level of resident care, and experience the environment yourself. You can even taste the food or see what kind of activities are offered to residents.

Research Costs and How to Finance Your Stay

Once you know the facility you’d like for your loved one, look at their costs and explore how to pay for their stay. This concern could be one you keep at the back of your mind while you search, but it becomes especially critical before you apply to the facility of your choice.

Medicare is typically used for short-term stays. You should check if the facility takes Health First Colorado if you are exploring financing a long-term stay through Medicaid.

FAQs For Nursing Home Searches

What if I’m Limited on Time for My Search?

Some people are discharged from the hospital to a care facility, meaning they do not have enough time to do a full search. If that is the case, you should do your best to find a facility that ranks well and matches your needs. Online resources like Medicare’s compare tool can provide useful leads.

If you know there’s a likelihood of being discharged directly to a care facility before you or a loved one head to the hospital, consider getting a head start on your search.

Are Nursing Homes Our Only Option?

Nursing homes do not have to be your only choice if you’re searching for long-term care for your loved one. Each case is unique, but you can explore home-based or community care options. You might be able to keep your loved one at home and employ an aide who comes to you. Adult day cares offer supervision and activities for your loved one without making their stays permanent. When you’re exploring options, you can use many of the same tips to evaluate how to help your loved one.

Does the Facility’s Staffing Matter?

When considering a nursing home or other long-term care center, you can inquire about its staffing. You should check to see if there is a pattern of turnover. If the facility can’t keep its staff, it could indicate issues with the administration or how it operates. Knowing there could be a problem with the facility reduces the chance of your loved one moving into a facility where they might be abused or neglected.

What Happens if There is Abuse at the Nursing Home?

It’s an unfortunate truth, but seniors are sometimes abused or neglected at nursing homes. Some of these instances may seem minor, but many can lead to severe illness, injuries, or even death. If your loved one is injured or abused because of a facility’s neglect, Nursing Home Justice can help you pursue a personal injury claim. We have helped many clients find relief after their loved ones have been wronged at a care facility.

Call Nursing Home Justice for Help Now

Even when you think you’ve prepared for everything, there is a chance that your loved one can get hurt at a long-term care facility. If your loved one suffers from abuse or neglect at a nursing home, call Attorney Mac Hester. He understands how challenging these cases can feel and is ready to help you explore your options for justice.

Call Nursing Home Justice at (303) 775-8128 for your free consultation.

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