How to Report Nursing Home Abuse in Colorado

Do you suspect your loved one is enduring nursing home abuse or neglect? Are you being abused or neglected in your assisted living or nursing home facility in Colorado?

Stop the abuse today. Nursing Home Justice is here to help you handle the legal hurdles once you’ve reported nursing home abuse to the following:

  • Your Regional Ombudsman
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • The Nursing Home Where the Abuse Occurred

With help from a compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer at Nursing Home Justice, you can bring the abuser and all other parties who share fault to justice.

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Nursing Home Justice Fights for Your Family’s Rights

It takes an experienced lawyer with knowledge of Colorado law to navigate the complexities of nursing home abuse and neglect claims. Nursing Home Justice helps victims understand the signs of abuse and how to report their suffering to the state.

Our founding attorney Mac Hester has over 35 years of experience and ensures your case receives the time and attention it deserves.

He will make sure not only that your complaint is filed with the proper authorities, but will also keep you informed every step of the way and help you recover medically and monetarily.

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When Should You Report a Disabled Care Facility?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms. When you have a reason to believe you or your loved one is being abused by their caregivers, it’s critical to take steps to report your concerns.

You should file a complaint when you or your loved one suffers from the following types of abuse:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Failure to provide proper hygiene or bathing
  • Physical restraints
  • Oversedation
  • Medicare/Medicaid/insurance fraud
  • Prohibiting or restricting patient visitation rights
  • Lack of fall risk protection
  • Failure to provide proper skincare
  • Lack of resident supervision
  • Failure to prevent resident assaults
  • Intentionally not providing patient care
  • Financial abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Making threats
  • Obstructing medical care from other facilities
  • Failure to notify physicians or family members of patient changes in condition
  • Lack of adequate food or liquids

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How to Report Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

When you suspect abuse or neglect in an assisted living facility, rehabilitation facility, nursing home, or any other disabled care facility, you can take action by calling Nursing Home Justice.

We have a complete understanding of how nursing home abuse and neglect cases work and how to make the liable party pay.

Contact Your Local Ombudsman

Your Regional Ombudsman can advocate for patient rights and investigate your claims of abuse or neglect in a disabled care facility or nursing home environment.

Report the Abuse to The Nursing Home

Reporting your concerns of abuse and neglect to the nursing home is critical. This may also be the appropriate time to remove yourself or your loved one from the facility, as a failure to do so could be seen as not taking your claims of abuse or neglect seriously.

Reporting the Nursing Home to the State

Once you have retained legal representation, your next step could be to file a complaint against the elder or disabled care facility with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

Who Can File a Complaint?

Anyone who has concerns or knowledge of abuse or neglect within healthcare facilities across Denver or the state of Colorado can file a complaint. This includes the nursing home resident, the resident’s family, friends, concerned citizens, and healthcare providers.

What Information Must Be Included in Your Complaint?

When filing your report for nursing home abuse, there are several vital pieces of information you should include in your complaint. These include:

  • The identity of the individual abuser
  • The facility where the abuse occurred
  • The type of abuse
  • The date and time of the abuse
  • A description of the abuse
  • The injuries and damages as a result of the abuse

Be sure to include evidence to support your case. Some essential pieces of evidence that could be used to prove liability in your nursing home abuse or neglect report include:

  • Photos of patient injuries
  • Video footage of abuse or neglect
  • Patient medical records
  • Notes regarding the abuse or neglect
  • Notes regarding interactions between the resident and staff members
  • A list of medication given or not given to the patient
  • Statements of family members regarding the abuse and injuries
  • Communications with facility staff
  • Health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare records and bill details

Can You File a Nursing Home Complaint Anonymously?

Individuals who do not want their identity known but still want to report their findings can do so anonymously.

You will need to provide the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment with enough information so they can adequately investigate your complaint if you’re going to report your concerns anonymously.

When you file your complaint, investigators will not share your name or personal information with any healthcare facilities unless they have been instructed to do so.

How Does the Investigation Process Work?

Once you have reported your complaint to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, they will begin reviewing it and prioritizing it based on whether the patient is experiencing actual harm or potential harm.

Staff will begin to investigate by interviewing residents, patient family members, facility staff, and the facilities records in general.

This can help determine whether complaints have been made against the healthcare facility in question in the past.

Upon completing the investigation, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment will reach out and provide you with a written summary of their findings.

How Does Filing a Complaint Hold the Facility Accountable?

Depending on whether the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment can verify the allegations made against the facility in question, the healthcare facility could face serious consequences.

If a facility does not comply with state laws or regulations, they can be cited and be ordered to correct violations accordingly.

If the state agency cannot verify the allegations of abuse, they nevertheless issue a statement that their lack of verification does not mean that the incident did not occur.

It just means that there was not sufficient information to make a determination of abuse at that time. You, or your attorney, can continue to investigate the abuse and provide additional information.

How Does Reporting Abuse Help Your Case?

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s investigation into the nursing home abuse in question can help support your civil claim against the liable party.

If they’re able to verify the allegations made, this could prove to be valuable evidence to support your case against those responsible for abusing you or your loved one.

When the evidence proves liability based on a preponderance of the evidence, you and your family could be awarded the compensation you are entitled to.

Here’s How We Help You Recover Compensation

Reporting the abuse to the appropriate entities is the first step toward your recovery. Nursing Home Justice will also guide you through the other necessary phases of the claims process.

  • We’ll Meet to Discuss Your Case – To begin your case, Attorney Mac Hester will meet with you to get to know you more and help you determine the best way to resolve your issue — whether that be filing a complaint with the nursing home or pursuing litigation.
  • We’ll Begin Our Investigation – Next, we will gather evidence that strengthens your claim. Nursing homes and their corporate entities won’t hand over this evidence willingly; however, we’ll make sure you obtain everything you need to hold them accountable.
  • We’ll Assist in Your Medical & Monetary Recovery – Finally, we’ll evaluate all your damages and relentlessly pursue medical and monetary recovery — whether it be through settlement negotiations or trial.