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The Worst Nursing Homes in Denver, CO

Written By:

Attorney Mac Hester

Date Posted:

February 5, 2023

Denver is home to almost 100 nursing homes. While some strive to do the right thing and provide the quality care they should, others have failed this duty and put innocent residents’ lives at risk.

Luckily, online reviews and testimonies have made it more accessible than ever to see residents’ or their loved ones’ first-hand experiences with a neglectful home. After examining several reviews and testimonies, we’ve compiled a list of the worst nursing homes in the Denver area.

1. Promedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation (Denver)

This nursing home has two locations: one in Denver and another one in Boulder. Both are at the top of the list for deficiencies in the state (Denver has 74 and Boulder has 72), and the Denver location received an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviewers gave the facility a one-star review, including a detailed testimony elaborating on their experience—and the stories are appalling.

One reviewer wrote, “If I could give this facility 0 stars I would.” The reviewer explained how they attempted to contact the facility; however, no one picked up the phone. So, they decided to stop in for an unexpected visit. What they found shocked them. The reviewer wrote, “My grandmother was literally laying in her feces when I arrived for an unexpected visit. I was LIVID!!!!”

Other testimonies stated similar experiences, claiming the facility was unresponsive, short-staffed, and grossly incompetent in caring for a resident’s most basic needs.

2. Sunrise at Cherry Creek

Sunrise at Cherry Creek has an overall Google rating of 2.8 stars—making it the second lowest-rated nursing home in Denver. Like many nursing homes around the country, a common complaint toward Sunrise at Cherry Creek is that they have a major understaffing issue.

One reviewer wrote, “Sunrise is seriously understaffed, yet they keep adding residents.” With so few staff members, residents don’t get the individual care they deserve, and problems go unnoticed.

Not only does the staff lack the capacity to provide quality care to residents, but they also don’t take the time to clean the residents’ rooms. One resident’s loved one stated, “When we moved her out of Sunrise at Cherry Creek, all her clothes in the closet were dirty, and her furniture was disgusting. I know because I personally cleaned it.”

The lack of cleanliness in a resident’s room is one of the many forms of neglect that contributed to the uncontrollable Covid-19 outbreaks in nursing homes during the height of the pandemic.

3. Crestmoor Health and Rehabilitation Center

Located near Promedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Crestmoor Health and Rehabilitation Center has an overall Google rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars. Additionally, the facility has received over $35,000 in fines within the past two years and has 29 total reported deficiencies, four of which are infection related.

One Google reviewer left a chilling testimony claiming that they and their 80-year-old roommate “experienced frequent abuse.” The former resident stated that they were screamed at for using the bathroom too much, and staff attempted to intimidate the resident’s roommate when they tried to complain about the facility.

Another reviewer claimed that a staff member threw a resident’s soiled pants in their loved one’s face. Many other reviews came directly from staff members who had to quit due to the mismanagement of the facility, highlighting short staffing issues that created an abusive work environment.

4. Amberwood Court Rehabilitation and Care Community

Neglectful, poorly trained staff members contributed significantly to this nursing home’s overall Google rating of 3.0. Additionally, the nursing home has received 17 deficiencies that range in severity over the years.

Reports of staff members displaying a lack of concern for residents’ overall health and safety were a common theme throughout the approximately 26 Google reviews.

One Google review stated that residents would put their call lights on only to get no response from an “apathetic staff.” This negligent behavior also led to many residents suffering from worsened conditions.

One review stated, “As soon as he got there, he started getting worse,” and mentioned that the resident developed a terrible infection due to the staff members’ negligence that went untreated despite their knowledge.

5. Brookdale Parkplace 

Out of 27 total Google reviews, Brookdale Parkplace received an overall rating of 3.1. Reviews came from both former staff and residents’ loved ones. One former staff member simply stated, “Do NOT send your family here. Period,” in a one-star review. As for residents, many of their loved ones trusted this facility to take care of those experiencing cognitive disabilities.

However, several negative reviews revealed that the memory care unit was unequipped to handle such residents. One reviewer wrote, “They are understaffed. Do not have the ability to treat patients with Memory Loss.”

Another former resident’s loved one stated, “I was extremely disappointed in my father’s care in Brookdale Parkplace memory care unit. In fact I feel like they basically killed him.” These are just a couple of the many one-star rated reviews expressing clear mismanagement within the facility.

Let Nursing Home Justice Help You Recover

Although nursing homes and their staff might have treated you or your loved one poorly, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the utmost care and attention to your case. We cannot guarantee a particular outcome in your claim; however, we can guarantee that you’ll feel welcomed and heard.

Let Nursing Home Justice listen to your story and tell you how we can help. Contact us by calling (303) 775-8128 today for a free consultation.

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